Logo for the North Dakota Catholic Conference

The logo retains the color, font, shape, and arrangement of the old logo, signifying continuity with the conference’s history. The background consists of two halves of pointed arches, evoking church architecture and bishops’ miters, and representing the bishops of Bismarck and Fargo and their respective dioceses. The two half-arches join to form a solid colored arch, representing the unity with which the two bishops speak through the conference. An outline of the State of North Dakota rests at the foot of the cross, where we must ultimately place all concerns of the state and its people.

What We Do

The North Dakota Catholic Conference acts on behalf of the Roman Catholic bishops of North Dakota to respond to public policy issues of concern to the Catholic Church and to educate Catholics and the general public about Catholic social doctrine.
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North Dakota Catholic Conference
103 South Third Street, Suite 10
Bismarck, North Dakota

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