The North Dakota Catholic Bishops' Voice on Public Policy

Formed in 1969 by the Roman Catholic Bishops of North Dakota, the North Dakota Catholic Conference is the means by which the Catholic bishops of the state act together on public policy matters for the mutual well-being of the Catholic Church and all citizens throughout the state. By collaborating with political and public organizations, the North Dakota Catholic Conference, inspired by Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church, works at the appropriate level of government for legislation and regulations that reflect the Gospel message of respecting for human life and promoting the common good.

The North Dakota Catholic Conference:

  • Serves as the official liaison for the dioceses of Fargo and Bismarck in matters of public policy
  • Operates a Legislative Action Network connecting parishioners to the their local legislators
  • Assists clergy, educators, parishioners, and the general public on matters concerning Catholic social teaching and public policy
  • Educates on Catholic social teaching and public policy matters

A Multi-Issue Public Policy Voice for the Church

Dedicated to contributing the Church's message to matters affecting human life, the poor, families, and the common good, the North Dakota Catholic Conference addresses a broad spectrum of issues.

  • Respect and Protection for all Human Life
  • Health Care
  • Religious Liberty
  • Concern and Respect for the Poor and Powerless
  • Children
  • Education
  • Family Life
  • The Economy
  • Care for Creation
  • Rural Life
What We Do

The North Dakota Catholic Conference acts on behalf of the Roman Catholic bishops of North Dakota to respond to public policy issues of concern to the Catholic Church and to educate Catholics and the general public about Catholic social doctrine.
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